Education Service

We provide a wide range of professional services to meet your needs. We promise to provide every service with a smile, and to your highest level of satisfaction. 

K-12 Education

We are developing three powerful units specifically designed for education. They will monitor, encourage, and challenge how our children learn in K-12th grade.

Special Education

We pursue close relationships with special education programs and youth centers so that we reach children with disabilities and provide support in their everyday lives.

Teacher Training

Supporting the disabled requires direct communication and assistance. That’s why our volunteers work hard to develop and maintain social relationships with the young people they serve.

3BI Concept is a leader in education and innovation. We are dedicated to changing the way our children learn by empowering students, teachers, and administrators. We believe that all students should have access to the necessary tools to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Education in your hands

3BI Concept has been developing three powerful units specifically designed for education. They will monitor, encourage, and challenge our children from K-12th grade, college, and beyond. Our units are fully loaded with 63 built-in languages and the capacity for more.

They will allow for unprecedented access to students, parents, teachers, and administrators which will virtually reduce the need for translation. And reducing if not eliminating the discomfort of parents or teachers unfamiliar with the given language. These devices are not a replacement, but an aide to the dedicated educators around the world.

Virtual Versatility

3BI Concept unit will eliminate 90 – 100 percent of the required books thus reducing costs, tailoring of tests, and activities to the individual students. Our devices will challenge the students who crave more and nourish the students who need help.

These units will be issued to a child and that child will carry that single unit throughout their entire educational life (from K-12 and then college). Another unit will be issued for that student to use during his or her college years as well. All of the reading material will be downloadable which will vastly reduce the cost thus passing along the savings to students.

Learn Everywhere

These units will work in a number of environments and provide 100 percent of all the educational needs. We believe that our units are the most powerful educational tools ever introduced to our education system. Perhaps one day soon our units can assist in eliminating adult illiteracy as we know it.

3BI Concept strives to provide a 21st-century education to students worldwide no matter where they are. 

Immersive Learning

We’re working with our partners to bring VR/AR learning to students to provide a custom learning experience tailored to the student. We will work with our team to develop a learning experience that helps prepare students for the future.

We will be offering VR opportunities and we look forward to hearing from you.

VR Training