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Bringing a 21st-century education to students wherever they live.

We have created a system that will improve education. By combining various tools, resources, and references a student will use throughout their educational journey. 3BI Concept has invented a portable unit that is easy to use and capable of interactive learning.

Education in your hands

3BI Concept has been developing three powerful units specifically designed for education. They will monitor, encourage, and challenge our children from K-12th grade, college, and beyond. Our units are fully loaded with 63 built-in languages and the capacity for more.

Here are a few of the benefits of our technology:

  • Speech and handwriting recognition programs which will allow students to complete different assignments
  • A content management system that allows educators to create tests and course curriculum
  • Interactive textbook reviews
  • Parental access controls and advanced monitoring reports
  • Real-time student progress for test scores, exams, and GPA

You can find our current education products here.