Strategic Planning for your Business

I want to point out a few things to my fellow CEOs and business leaders. let’s look at two business models that have taken the world by storm and we should look to a lesson from.

  1. Amazon started out as a used online book store offering cheaper prices for used books. while the major bookstore chains turned their noses up at them which was the first step in there downfall and laid the way for further expansion.
  1. Walmart saw the need to provide better selections at better prices and more variety both in person and online causing the smaller stores and chains to dry up.

Covid has changed the global playing field once again and if you don’t learn to adapt you too will fade away.

Make remote work a permanent part of your make up.

Reduce the need for 30 story buildings and create business plazas closer to your workforce encourage daycare centers to be a part of that make up along with other critical convenience needs to lessen worker travel time.

If you treat your workforce like partners, you create an unstoppable team.

No one at 3BI Concept works for me we all work together remember even the smallest voice can have the largest impact in your growth

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