India has been educating the world through various techniques in science, yoga, medicine, and more. Now COVID-19 has affected the education system of India. The kids have access to hardcover books to learn but none of them have access to learn remotely. The teachers don’t have access to iPads or smartphones to teach kids via online classes.

There are many government schools in India where teachers are facing a problem of how to teach kids when schools have been locked for the past three months. As a result, many kids use their parents’ cellphone to contact teachers via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Yes, a Messenger is helping kids in India in education during a pandemic. Teachers are giving kids homework via Messenger and checking their homework on cell phones.

Imagine a teacher checking the homework of nearly 80 kids a day on their cellphone. Many teachers are now feeling tired and exhausted just trying to teach kids after a few months.

The kids are facing the problem of not being able to understand the subjects properly. They’re not able to go to school and have to rely on a cellphone. This is not an effective method to learn.

The children have to use the parents’ cellphone and many times it will start to ring during an online class. Today kids are studying via YouTube videos each day in India. By using YouTube they can watch these videos as many times as they need to.

While college staff has prepared videoes and posted them on YouTube, so kids can study. You should be aware that virtual interaction between students and teachers is not in many states.

The kids who live in the slums are facing a major problem of not being taught under the many bridges of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and many cities. Many volunteers teach these kids in the evening four or five times a week but due to the lockdown, these kids are not getting taught.

A few volunteers have come up with an idea of virtual classes for them. These kids are using cellphones of their parents or uncles and studying with books, notebooks, pencils gifted to them by volunteers. Many times an internet signal is not good so they have to rely on video or call from WhatsApp and then they can study. 500-800 kids are being taught by 300 plus volunteers around the world.

Volunteers are telling them to keep social distance between them and to use the speaker feature on the cellphone and study. Later confirmation of study lessons is sent in the form of pics on WhatsApp and Messenger.

A possible solution to help those in need would be by using 3BI Concept Inc. custom education units. Each of these units can be used from students in pre-k to kindergarten, 1st -12th grade, and even at the college or university level. Each unit can be uploaded with the required reading material for the student. This way the student doesn’t have to rely on books or notebooks.

This solution will allow teachers to contact their students in real-time while using their units as well. Each teacher will be able to provide proper instructions to help the child understand the material. Also, teachers will now be able to check their homework on a bigger screen and not a cellphone.

Special education students are not able to study during this pandemic in India. Their teachers have to use smartphones and teach them virtually, but how can they do that effectively? Nearly 90% of the special education students are being educated by their parents or siblings.

Special education students would benefit from 3BI Concept education solutions as well because they can be customized for the student’s needs.

It’s time for India to come out of pandemic with a better education with the help of 3BI Concept Inc. Together we can bring a 21st-century education to you. ​3BI Concept Inc. is here to help kids study while having FUN.


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