Kids need to study daily whatever they can from anyone interested in teaching & explaining. The COVID-19 pandemic has closed schools worldwide, but they’re learning via YouTube videos and websites offering courses on various subjects. The Robin Hood Army is a zero funds volunteer organization that works to bridge the gap between the street and schools by giving children the tools and knowledge to go to school. Robin Hood Army empowers over 7,000 street children with basic primary education.

The work Robin Hood Army does help to provide the public with food, study material, and basic training. In India, many college graduates and others volunteer to work with Robin Hood Academy. These volunteers are teaching kids who live in blighted areas, those areas that are tough to afford fees of private schools in India. Those students who live in those areas are taught daily by volunteers under a bridge below a highway in the evening.

Since March India has been under lockdown and social distancing will be tough in this situation. So Indians staying outside the country have started teaching kids via video call or phone call. The kids are assigned to each volunteer and some 55+ volunteers are teaching kids as of now.

India has been under lockdown since March the wards and social distancing will be TOUGH in this situation, so Indians staying outside the country have started teaching kids via video call or phone call. The kids are assigned to each volunteer and some 55+ volunteers are teaching kids as of now.

Recently, I’ve been teaching Arjun 9-year-old kid, who had gone to L.K.G. for a few months. He has a tremendous desire to study whatever he can and this gives a wide option for me to choose a topic. Daily I teach him via phone call for about 50 to 60 minutes. At first, he was shy to talk but later learned many things and has learned how to use proper words and to make a sentence.

For example, I asked Arjun to reply to my question. “What’s your name?” He responded, “Arjun”. I started teaching him to form a proper sentence and after a week got the reply, “My name is Arjun.”

Also, we studied tables of 6-10 by arranging items in that number and increasing it by that number. For example, 6 lemon means 6 x 1 = 6, then 6 more means 6 x 2 = 12 & so on. Teaching by playing games worked for him so “names/speeling of animals, fruit, vegetables, etc. And addition till 100 is the games we play when he walks back home from the field. 

Imagine a kid walking with his family on a very noisy road and studying while playing games and passes the word test every Saturday.

I’d like to mention a very intelligent conversation we had. One day I was telling Arjun how to spell the word vacation. I told him and saying “V” but the phone call was not that clear so he was listening to it as B.Then he suggested, “Ma’am, between you and me, whenever you have to say V, please say, “Letter after U and for B say”letter after A”… From then on CAB means C, A, and letter after A, which makes it easy for him to write. 

I taught him the spelling of vegetables, animals, fruits, etc. And I received confirmation he finished revising it and counting the number of letters in a word. A picture is generally sent by the kid of today’s work.

Kids from the ages of 3 to 20 are taught by many volunteers as per their subject. A few are fortunate to study on a video call and have scored well in their school exams and tests by volunteers.

Currently, a few of the special needs students are not getting taught because the public does not know “how to teach them.” Due to the need for online classes teachers are facing a problem with huge Internet bills. A daily class of five hours daily eats up teacher’s Internet data and then they have to upgrade which is very costly in India.

The professors of colleges and high school teachers have been told to prepare videoes and post them on YouTube. Many teachers are learning how to work using Microsoft Office and various other digital techniques to teach students. Now Robin Hood Army is trying to help these students by requesting the public to donate their old non-used phones to these students so they can study via audio phone calls even during the day time. Instead of waiting for their parents to come home and study on their cellphones.

3BI Concept Inc can help to provide students with the tools they need to achieve a 21-st century education. This company can provide students with education technology and other resources. A few of the products they have include e-readers which can be modified with a braille keyboard. Teachers can also have access to educational tools to see real-time results of how students are learning. As a result, students can now receive assistance during their educational journey.

Virtual education is a must as of now and digitized technology products are required. Special needs students need access to tools and materials that can help them learn in various ways to train their minds and improve their skills.

Together with your help, we can bring a true 21-st century education to the students in need. Together we can “bring tomorrow to you today.”

If you’re interested in volunteering please contact The Robin Hood Army to learn how you can help.


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