For over a year now the world has been suffering in many ways due to the coronavirus. In India, students have been hit the hardest due to a lack of knowledge.

Many artisans who depended on hand embroidery to survive, did not have any consistent work for many months. During that time, they taught their children how to handcrafts various products. Now in 2021, these kids want to study and work hard to make their dreams become a reality.

If a student has access to a smartphone then they can learn virtually from home. Unfortunately, only 5% have access to smartphones.

Currently, I’m teaching two kids of Noida, India. They study daily via phone calls from the US. I taught them a lot, but they could not read poems from English books because they were not taught lowercase letters of English. It’s not possible to teach them lowercase letters in English over audio call.

Our weekend classes are fun, and the kids study via video call. Since the smartphone belongs to their parents and the parents are at home on Sundays, so kids can draw, learn to write, etc. The students want to learn so much and they want to become a police inspector and teacher.

Q: What can I do to help students in India?

A: Volunteer at Robin Hood Army. Volunteers are mostly students and young working professionals who help the less fortunate. They serve homeless families, orphanages, and more. You can help by committing three hours of your week on a regular basis.


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