Semiconductor Subdivision in 2025 3BI is very excited to announce an ambitious semiconductor subdivision in 2025 that will […]
We want to help Ukrainian residents in need by providing a place and space for those entrepreneurs and […]
We need your help small business community. We're trying to help the families in Ukraine who need access to technology to continue learning. If you can please complete the form.
3BI Concept is a Chicago-based education company. We're interested in helping local entrepreneurs get a financial head start. We need your help. Please complete the form if you're a small business owner interested in selling your products or services on our website.
Strategic Planning and Safety Protocols We want to share our basic mitigation protocol guidelines. First setup a verified […]
Strategic Planning for your Business I want to point out a few things to my fellow CEOs and […]
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World Student Day–in honor of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, one of India’s greatest educators. “You have to dream […]
INDIA has always been very good  as a world-trader, educator, problem solver with their own heritage and etc. but […]
Modern-day students should be given more innovative ways to learn, which is what 3BI Concept is going to do. They should be taught […]