For over a year now the world has been suffering in many ways due to the coronavirus. In […]
In 2020 the whole world changed suddenly. In India, the children and teachers had to endure significant challenges […]
Kids need to study daily whatever they can from anyone interested in teaching & explaining. The COVID-19 pandemic […]
India has been educating the world through various techniques in science, yoga, medicine, and more. Now COVID-19 has […]
World Student Day–in honor of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, one of India’s greatest educators. “You have to dream […]
Education is the basic necessity of every child, and it should be SIMILAR around the world. But it’s not, and various reasons […]
In ancient time India had Guru Kula system in which everyone, who wished to study went to a teacher’s […]
INDIA has always been very good  as a world-trader, educator, problem solver with their own heritage and etc. but […]
Modern-day students should be given more innovative ways to learn, which is what 3BI Concept is going to do. They should be taught […]