In 2020 the whole world changed suddenly. In India, the children and teachers had to endure significant challenges due to schools being closed and learning how to teach kids virtually, especially the special needs students.

In Raipur, the Piyali Foundation College of Special Education run by Jagruk Parents Association was founded in 2004. The organization works to provide community-based rehabilitation for the students. Ms. Meeta Mukherjee is the director of the school and has helped special needs students for several years. This institution works with parents of special needs children, professionals, and volunteers to provide resources to differently-abled persons.

One of the recent challenges special needs educators faced is online classes. Unfortunately, these students are finding it hard to concentrate.

Another challenge educators faced with these students was an increase in behavioral problems. Since these students require more care, the coronavirus has caused them to become isolated from their schools, friends, and more. As a result, their behaviors started changing suddenly, and parents have started getting worried.

To offer some assistance with the special needs school, 3BI Concept launched a Go Fund Me to help these students get the school materials they need. Please donate to help support these students to advance their learning. These students are counting on you to help them.

Do please help the students turn their dreams to reality.


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