Education is the basic necessity of every child, and it should be SIMILAR around the world. But it’s NOT and various reasons can create a lot of differences between children country wise whereas education should create a feeling of  “BRINGING TOMORROW to YOU TODAY”.Here are a few of the differences that kids in India and the U.S. encounter in education.

Various  pointsStudying in India Studying in U.S.A.
1.  School FeeParents pay a monthly or yearly  fee, if the kids are studying in private schools.   Private School ==> Parents have to pay a fee.Public School ==> Education is free for the kids.Parents pay a fee, if their kid or kids go to private school.     Parents don’t pay a fee, if their kids go to public school.
2.  Books and NotebooksParents have to buy books (nearly 8-10) for each grade every year  except for Pre-K- kindergarten kids.  International Publisher books are costly and good in quality.Local Publisher books are cheap, and very BAD in quality.Books are provided by the schools. Parents don’t have to buy them.
3.  Number of subjectsKids learn a lot of subjects e.g. Math, Science, Hindi, English, and Sanskrit, regional language of that state, etc…Kids learn lot of subjects e.g. Math, Science, Social Studies, Art , etc… 
4.   Locker at schoolsAre not provided.Are provided, so kids don’t carry their books to school. They keep it safe and can keep their projects and home work stored in them as well.
5.   School BagKids carry most of their books, notebooks, and their Lunch bag with water bottle. Bags are very HEAVY and kids have to rearrange their bags daily because in India , students learn various multiple subjects each day of the week.Kids carry their folders with their homework, Lunch Bag and water bottle. 
6.  Transportation to schoolParents have to arrange for a transportation to carry their kid or kids to school and pay for it.Kids go to school by the school bus. Parents are NOT charged for that.
7.  Selection of SchoolParents choose a school for their kid as per their “financial condition” , location  and smartness of their kid /kids. In India, there are “English Medium and Hindi Medium schools , which can be Privtae or Public Schools” which plays a MAJOR role in the selection. Distance may or may not have that much of effect.English Medium school means all the subjects will be taught using basic English language and in Hindi if it is a Hindi medium school. Mostly public schools are of Hindi Medium schools.All these factors play a VITAL role and students travel at 2 p.m. — 15 k.m.  Twice daily just for going to school.Kids go to a school as per the area they live in. Area wise schools are located and all the kids of that area goes to that school mostly. Kids travel around 5 k.m. twice daily for going to school
Kids in India learn a LOT using books.  
Look at the new interesting and creative system of studying in India
Kids of 21st century are more comfortable by NOT using books.

  There are many more differences in the education system of schools in India and America…Please come back again and read the next blog post on this subject.


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