In ancient time India had Guru Kula system in which everyone, who wished to study went to a teacher’s (Guru) house and requested to be taught. If the child is accepted as a student, he or she would then stay at Guru’s place and help in all activities at home. This helped creating a strong tie between the Guru and the student and also teaches students a good lesson about the house hold chorus.

The guru taught everything from Sanskrit, Mathematics, Holy Scriptures, Metaphysics, Philosophy, etc. The learning was closely linked to nature, life, and not confined to memorizing some information.

The modern school system was brought to India by the British and included the English language. It started with English, Science, Mathematics, Gym, etc. Metaphysics and Philosophy were considered  unnecessary.

Indians started educating themselves using the system, which was given and then modified to them as per the requirement of that time. Once India got independence, the Education system got modified. A separate school system was created and since there are many states, who have their own native language.

Each state’s school teaches their own state language along with the national language of India i.e. “Hindi”. Another modification has come up… Kids of those states read Hindi, Sanskrit, state language and an International language (French, Spanish, German etc.) along with Mathematics, Science, etc.

Now another system is about to enter Indian Education System. It comes with lot of advantages such as “new method” of studying i.e. by using”e-readers” which all the kids are going to love because reading books are considered as an old fashioned idea. Kids nowadays like to use Google for questions and prefer using an online dictionary instead of using a book for finding the meaning of a word.

These units will come with their own smart pen, so students can take notes. They’re parent friendly because the child’s guardian will be able to access to these units. All of the books they will need for the school year will be readily available to them and they will be able to view the information whenever and wherever they are.

Parents won’t have to worry about,“What should we put in the car for the long drive for kids to keep them busy and not have to worry about the questions–How many more minutes?” No longer do parents have to wait for a progress report or wait for the result of a “half yearly exam and final exam” because they will have access to their child’s progress in real time.

Also, at the end of the year, parents won’t need to worry about replacing old books and buying notebooks because a majority of the information a child will need will be on the e-reader. All the parents have to do is keep the E-Reader safe, so their child can use it next year as well with the new books uploaded to it.

3BI Concept is going to provide such tools for kids, so they can become the leaders of tomorrow. They’ll learn via a NEW TECHNOLOGY to make the future better.


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