INDIA has always been very good  as a world-trader, educator, problem solver with their own heritage and etc. but will it always be there in future. Schools in India are changing as per the requirement of future and Indians had been there in the Top 20 in any field of education, business, and etc. Now it’s time to introduce a  NEW CONCEPT of STUDYING in India, which will surely change the future of tomorrow.

This will not only benefit India, but also benefit other countries as well because the concept is powerful, affordable, and effective for every child from age three till age 23 and so on. Kids in various schools can access the same subjects with their own “e-readers” and learn at their own pace. Imagine a city with 20 schools in it and all the schools have the same method of teaching.

This will allow students to contact each other and learn something new when they will be done by their school work and their studies. This way they can learn about other IMPORTANT subjects which are required to succeed in future and sometimes not taught in school.

3BI Concept wants to introduce “e-readers” in Indian Schools, which will be secure but accessible by students, parents, and administrators. This unit will have a digital copy of all the books a kid needs to study that year. It will have a keyboard as well, so questions and answers can be typed.

Parents will be able to better monitor what their child is learning and help their child study.Not only does it come with a keyboard, but it also comes with a “Print” option, so the textbook pages can be printed if required.

Studying will be faster, so kids can move on to doing something else fast. In India, kids play outside throughout the year, so going out and playing outside for a kid will be a quicker process and studying will be done sooner. A mother can also move onto to doing her own work faster rather than sitting with their kids.


3BI Concept is going to provide every CHILD and their MOTHER with a chance to study together and do it FASTER and gain a lot of knowledge and spend time together, which is “VERY TOUGH” in this BUSY society. Mothers can teach their kids a lot of other things as well. Let this new CONCEPT come to India and kids along with their parents can enjoy STUDYING together in a different style, laugh, learn, and move onto doing something else. 


Would you like to know MORE about 3BI CONCEPT, please read the next blog post? I am sure you will be coming to this good website and checking for the NEW POST to read about the company called 3BI CONCEPT.

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